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 How Far Can You Take It? - TFSource Article

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MessageSujet: How Far Can You Take It? - TFSource Article   Sam 10 Oct 2015 - 2:37

When you collect Transformers, the beauty of it is that you decide how deep or varied your collection and interests can be. While this can sometimes depend on your circumstances, most of the time it’s probably down to collector preference and taste. Whether it’s devotion to a particular character, series, aesthetic or type of Transformer, there seems to be no limit to how much a collector can diversify. You can buy the supposed high-end prestige version in the Masterpiece line, the vintage version from your childhood or the modern updated mainline representation. Possibly even an unofficial tribute. One can even go beyond the toys and enter the world of merchandise and paperwork, or maybe original art and pre-production material.

How Far Can You Take It? | Source Blog <- CLICK TO READ

All the best
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MessageSujet: Re: How Far Can You Take It? - TFSource Article   Sam 10 Oct 2015 - 8:52

Once again, it's an interesting subject.

My collection is mainly oriented by the G1 toyline.

In the past I have also bought post-G1 toys (G2, RID, Armada...) but finally I have realised that I always looked on these modern toy line the original G1 robots.

So I have resold a part of them (or store them away to my display room) and I have recentred my collection to the G1 toy line.

My quick point of view about :

Masterpieces : very cool robots for most of them, but I never bought any MP, maybe because they are not really "toys", I don't know ^^

3rd party : Many are nice, but the choice is now enormous, maybe too enormous and the place in my display room is limited, son I stay focused on the real TF line.

Classics : good idea with some good robots for a G1 fan (Hot Rod, Cyclonus, Hound...), but some are too far of the G1 representations (Power Glide..).

Combiner Wars : also good idea with some good robots, but the "combiner" fonction is often useless without any interest and contribues to make the robot ugly (the knees of Bombshell are a perfect exemples).
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How Far Can You Take It? - TFSource Article
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